Ongoing Projects

  • Long-range Dynamic Distributed Strain Sensing System for Smart Infrastructure Monitoring. National Science Foundation. Collaborators: Sumeet Kumar Sinha, James Wang, and Kenichi Soga (PI)
  • Evaluation of Soil Plugs Geotechnical Resistance in the Design of CISS Piles. California Department of Transportation. Agreement 65A0985. Collaborators: Sumeet Kumar Sinha, Wonjun Cha, and Kenichi Soga (PI)
  • Monitoring of Shallow Geothermal Boreholes. A part of the multi-institution collaborative project on – Learning from Ground U (LeGUp): Performance and Potential Assessment for Networked Geothermal Demonstration ProjectsCollaborators: Sumeet Kumar Sinha and Kenichi Soga (PI)
  • Developing a Web Application tool for Generating Input Ground Motions using the Double Convolution Methodology. California Geological Survey Strong Motion Instrumentation Program Contract No. 1020-007. Collaborators: Sumeet Kumar Sinha, Renmin Pretell, and Katerina Ziotopoulou (PI). 

Completed Projects

  • Using Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing for Pile Load Tests on Large Diameter CIDH Piles. Oregon Department of Transportation.  Collaborators: Sumeet Kumar Sinha, James Wang, and Kenichi Soga (PI).
  • Validation of Liquefaction-Induced Downdrag on Piles. California Department of Transportation. Agreement 65A0688. Collaborators: Sumeet Kumar Sinha, Katerina Ziotopoulou (PI), and Bruce Lloyd Kutter (Co-PI).