ENG 35 : Statics (Fall 2017)

I am one of the teaching assistants for ENG 35 : Statics (Fall, 2017) at UC Davis. This post contains some materials relevant to the ENG 35 course.

*** Please refer to the official course website for homeworks, announcements, Lectures.. etc ***

Additional Materials

  • Some Truss Problems : Zero force members,  Problems
  • Statically Determinate Truss and Beams : Zero force members, Steps to solve truss problem, Use Symmetry wherever possible, Solved Examples
  • Axial Force (AFD), Shear Force (SFD) and Bending Moment (BMD) Diagrams : Steps to solve and draw the diagrams, graphical method, Solved Examples
    • Lecture on Tuesday 14th November (pdf)
    • Lecture on Thursday 16th November (pdf)
  • Some Practice Problems with Solutions
    • Truss
      • First find out the reactions
      • Use symmetry wherever applicable
      • Look for zero force members or special members
      • Then proceed to finding out member forces.
    • Frames
      • At pin joint, two resisting reaction forces (Rx and Ry) would get developed for each of the members connected to the pin. 
      • Identify two-force members if any
      • At pin joint, the moment is zero for all the individual members connecting that pin.
      • Homework#4 Problem#1(b) Solution
    • Axial Force, Shear Force and Bending moment Diagrams
      • First find out reactions
      • Take any section by cutting the beam at a distance x from one end and find out shear force (T), bending moment (M) and Axial Force (N) as a function of x.
      • Or Use the graphical method as discussed in class.
  • Revisiting all the concepts  (Problem Set) (27th November)

Virtual Work 

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