This page features some of the applications, tools or softwares that I have developed over the years.

  • Real ESSI Simulator System: Boris Jeremić, Guanzhou Jie, Zhao Cheng, Nima Tafazzoli, Panagiota Tasiopoulou, Federico Pisanò José Antonio Abell, Kohei Watanabe, Yuan Feng, Sinha, Sumeet K., Fatemah Behbehani, Han Yang, and Hexiang Wang. University of California, Davis and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 2017.
  • gmESSI General translator to convert Gmsh (.msh) mesh to Real ESSI Simulator input (.fei) files
  • pvESSI : Plugin in ParaView for visualization of Real ESSI Simulator output
  • Liquefaction Triggering Spreadsheet : Spreadsheet for identifying liquefiable layers on CPT based liquefaction correlations by Boulanger and Idriss (JGGE 2015)
    • make sure to enable iterative calculations and macros in Microsoft Excel
  • Beamalyzer : 3-D finite element Matlab program to perform analysis of beams.
  • Sublime Plugins 
    • gmsh-Tools (GitHub Source :
    • gm​ESSI-Tools (GitHub Source :