Dr. Sumeet Sinha is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of California Berkeley. He obtained his Ph.D. in geotechnical engineering with a minor in Computational Mechanics from the University of California Davis in 2022. His Ph.D. work involved running centrifuge tests, numerical modeling, and developing simplified design procedures for designing piles for liquefaction-induced downdrag. He completed his master’s degree in 2017 and contributed to developing a high-fidelity Real-ESSI finite element simulator system for modeling significant soil-structure-interaction problems. In 2014, he completed his bachelor’s from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi in civil engineering and a minor in computer science and engineering. At UC Berkeley, he is working on the development of distributed fiber optic sensing system and its application in monitoring civil infrastructures (such as piles and pipelines). His hobbies include cooking, driving, and hiking.

His research experience includes the execution of small to large physical tests (such as index laboratory tests, large centrifuge model tests, and field-scale tests), development of computational tools (such as soil-structure interaction FE software, soil-foundation interface models, and web applications), 1-D as well as 3-D soil-structure interaction studies, development of sensing technologies (such as contactless displacement sensing using lasers, cameras, and distributed-fiber-optics sensing system), and development of simplified design procedures (such as estimation of excess pore pressure considering redistribution effects in layered soil profiles, pile tip capacity in liquefiable soils, and design of piles for liquefaction-induced downdrag).